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2011 ... Sunday, October 2nd ... 8:00AM until the Afternoon
New Waterfowlers Clinic
A FREE Invitation to Learn More About Waterfowling

Each and every fall of the year, the NJWA hosts an all-day seminar in the auditorium at Tip Seamanís Park in Tuckerton, NJ.  This learning experience scheduled  one week after the Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show which is held  Saturday and Sunday of the 4th week of September.

Since the days of the mid 1980ís we realize how many waterfowlers (novices and veterans)  became disenchanted and dropped out of the sport due to short seasons and low bag limits.  Presently, with the way seasons are now scheduled in New Jersey, one can hunt  Sep 1 to Apr 7th and go non-stop chasing ducks and geese and witness liberal bag limits

This seminar which is given by an array of seasoned waterfowlers: with an aggregate total of over 300 years  experience:  in both an indoor and outdoor setting.  They are there to divulge a world of knowledge about the how, when, why, where and what of hunting ducks and geese.  Subjects specifying where to hunt, how to approach a hunting scenario, retriever training, doís and doníts of the sport.

This seminar is open to sportsmen and sports women alike.  It also is open to children 12 years and older, novice and veterans. No fee is required, only a telephone call to Marty Kristiansen at  (732) 977-5648 or (732) 842-6375 to reserve a spot due to the limit of 100 attendees. Bring your son or daughter or encourage other waterfowlers who may think that there is nothing new to learn.  We guarantee you will leave with a wealth of knowledge.  And oh yeah Ö breakfast and lunch is on us!
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