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Gloucester Times - Rally Important
« on: October 25, 2007, 06:56:02 AM »

N.J. sportsmen preparing for important rally
Thursday, October 25, 2007
By Ralph Knisell
The recent outdoors rally held in Mullica Hill was a fabulous one, but the one being held this Sunday, Oct. 28, is an even more important one. The reason is that the radical animal rights groups are planning a rally on Saturday, Oct. 27 in Monmouth County to show how powerful they are.

Their aim is to make politicians feel that these bills changing the makeup of the New Jersey Fish and Game Council from the present 11-man board to a seven-man board to be selected by Gov. Jon Corzine is a good one. Knowing who Corzine would select, (that is members of the animal rights groups), would surely spell the doom of hunting and fishing in New Jersey.
Apparently the recent meeting in Mullica Hill struck a tender spot in the animal rights groups' nerves, and so they are intending to put on a show of strength to prove their misguided point. Sunday's rally by sportsmen, therefore, is doubly important if we are going to show how we feel about defeating the bills that would change the council's makeup.

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