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Agenda for Sunday Rally
« on: October 26, 2007, 03:59:00 AM »
This is our moment - our "15 minutes" of fame. A chance for us to force Trenton to recognize the good that sportsmen and sportswomen do for the economy as well as conservation. It is our moment to counter years of mischaracterization by our detractors; descriptions like "killers," "bloodthirsty," "murderers," and "Elmer Fudd."

It our moment to gather and enjoy each others company - the company of people that share good values. It our moment to finally assert OUR agenda and OUR plans for the future of fishing, hunting, trapping and shooting.

Join us for the camaraderie, join us for the fun, join us to send Trenton a message, join us to learn something new from one-another, and join us to securing fishing, hunting, trapping, and shooting for future generations.

I leave you with a quote from Stuart Chaifetz, proof that politicians and extremists want to change our way of life, proof of their intolerance for us:

Dear friends,
As many of you know, changing the NJ Fish and Game Council, the state board that is dominated by hunters and controls the fate of all our wildlife, has been one of our highest priorities.
Assembly bill A3275, sponsored by our friend, Assemblyman Mike Panter [and Sen Karcher]...

... I can tell you that both the NJ Federation of Sportsmen and the NRA are outraged over this bill (which alone tells you how important it is) and both groups are fighting against it. This is our opportunity to not only help move a terrific piece of legislation, but to hand the hunters a massive defeat.
Stuart Chaifetz
Director, Animal Protection PAC

See you Sunday at Clarksburg: - The Battle of Monmouth

**** Agenda ****

Presenter/Speaker Anthony Mauro (NJOA) - Chairman
Emcee - Ed Cuneo (NJOA)

Special Guest Speakers:
Jim Hutchinson (Executive Editor Fisherman Magazine / Board member R.F.A.)
Assemblywoman Alison McHose (Special Announcement)

Guest Speakers: Concerned Sportsmen/Sportswomen
(Note: Titles are for informational purposes only. These people are not speaking on behalf of their organizations, but for themselves)
* Ed Markowski (Hunting/Angling/Trapping) - President NJSFSC
* John Toth (Anglers) - President JCAA
* Jack Spoto (Bow hunting) - President UBNJ
* Don Toenshoff (Shooting) - President CJRPC
* Jim DeStephano (Trapping) - Vice President NJ Trappers Assoc.
* Eric Paulson (Coastal / Marine Conservation) - Vice President NJBBA
* Tom Fote (Legislative Representative - JCAA / Federation)

* Declan O’Scalon - Assemblyman Candidate 12th District
* Caroline Casagrande - Assemblywoman Candidate 12th District
* Jennifer Beck - Assemblywoman and Senate Candidate 12th District
* Ronald Dancer - Assemblyman 30th District
* Joseph Malone III - Assemblyman 30th District

Please note: The NJOA is a non-partisan organization. Representatives from democratic, libertarian, and republican parties have been invited to attend.
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Re: Agenda for Sunday Rally
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