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Open Letters to Forum members
« on: October 30, 2007, 06:48:25 AM »
Dear members:

Thank you for the support you have shown the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance during the past few months. The impact we all have made on Trenton is already visible in the way legislators have become readily available to us, many of whom paid us little attention not long ago.

The pinnacle display of newly found importance was a comment made by Assemblyman Michael Panter in the 10/29/07 edition of the Star-Ledger. Mr. Panter referred to the NJOA as a “fringe group” and me personally as “objectionable.”

While one’s first impulse might be to find the references insulting I would like to assure each of you that I am instead flattered. The reason is that such terms betray Panter’s frustration with our success in revealing his venomous regard for outdoors people - all of which is contained in his bill A3275. He has done everything in his power to hide his true intentions but the bill speaks very clearly that he wants to ban, or severely curtail, freshwater fishing, hunting and trapping in New Jersey.

Even the co-sponsor of his bill agrees. In an exceptional recognition of the bill’s vindictive strike at sportsmen and sportswomen co-sponsor Assemblywoman Greenstien sent her constituents a letter removing herself from the Panter and Karcher bill. She stated bill “…A3275 will create a board that has the potential to silence the opinions of hunters, fishermen, and farmers. I have reassessed my co-sponsorship and I decided to remove my name from the legislation…” Assemblywoman Greenstein called me personally to convey these sentiments.

The reaction of Assemblyman Panter and his disturbing comment directed at me (one of his constituents) is due to having his true intentions exposed. A significant amount of campaign funds have been raised for Panter and Karcher by animal rights extremists and they are indebted to them. Neither Panter of Karcher have taken the step to remove their bills, a sign that they would prefer to attack me and keep the emphasis from their true motives.

Please remember to vote on November 6th. It is our strongest weapon against those looking to whittle away our freedoms. I have been told by polling sources that the race in District 12 - the home of Panter and Karcher - is very close

Below are the towns that make up District 12. Please make sure to contact any friends, family members, acquaintances, employees, and bosses - anyone you might even vaguely know living in one of these towns - and explain to them their need to vote for Beck, O Scanlon, and Casagrande.

All it takes is picking up the phone - but it may be one of the most important actions you can do to change the future for all of us.

Thank you again for your support,
Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Chairman, New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

District 12 Towns: Colts Neck Township, East Windsor Township, Englishtown Borough, Fair Haven Borough, Freehold Borough, Freehold Township, Hightstown Borough, Little Silver Borough, Manalapan Township, Marlboro Township, Millstone Township, Oceanport Borough, Red Bank Borough, Shrewsbury Borough, Shrewsbury Township, Tinton Falls Borough



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Re: Open Letters to Forum members
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An Open Letter To The Forum Members Oh My Gawd, we are working as an incredible team, this is what it was supposed to be.


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Re: Open Letters to Forum members
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We would like to ask for more information about what you are talking about.