Author Topic: 2014 Banding Project with NJ Division F&W  (Read 3641 times)


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2014 Banding Project with NJ Division F&W
« on: September 09, 2014, 07:27:43 PM »
Since 2001, I have volunteered to perform the Early Season Banding Project with the NJ Division of F&W.  The purpose of the project is to determine resident duck population to support the Eastern Mallard Model

The site I worked this year was productive.  In total, 127 mallard ducks were banded - close to 40 recapture birds and around 25 'funky ducks'  These birds a either a mix with a domestic duck or birds that are raised on shooting preserves.  They can be identified because one of their toe nails has been clipped off

Sorry, I cannot disclose the location of the site but it has been productive for 2 years in a row.  The prize capture this year was a pair of adult drake green wing teal.  Their pictures are in the link

This year because the birds refused to enter the wire confusion traps, it was decided to use an air cannon.  It is a net connected to lead ropes with steel cylinders inserted in the cannon tubes.  The cannon is compressed air operated and has a 1000 foot cable attached to the cannon and can be dentonated remotely from the detonator box

Here is the PhotoBucket pictures I took today, including the 2nd Detonation of the net with "Spud" which is a video ...

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Re: 2014 Banding Project with NJ Division F&W
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You understand the mystery of things.


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Re: 2014 Banding Project with NJ Division F&W
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