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Wildfowling in England
« on: November 18, 2015, 02:38:35 PM »
Sincere greetings from across the big duck pond..............

I am a wildfowler in England and a member of Gloucestershire Wildfowlers Association. We fowl on the estuary of the River Severn mainly between the cities of Gloucester and Bristol on both banks. Fowling in England is slightly different than in NJ, our duck and goose season runs from the 1st Sept to the last day in January and our main quarry species are Mallard, Teal, Wigeon, Pintail, Shoveller and our main goose species are Greylags, Canadas, with the occasional Whitefront. Nationally we can also shoot Pinkfoot geese although they don't come down as far as the Severn. We get lots of other species but they are protected.We don't have 'Canvasbacks', 'whistling' ducks etc and our Teal are slightly different in markings but unmistakably the same basic bird. Lead was banned some years ago and have had a difficult transition to none lead shot.

Our shotgun laws are a little different and we have no restriction on calibre/bore/gauge with many members having larger bore guns including 8 and 4 bore guns and several members own punts and punt guns (actually I think there is a maximum size of 1 3/4 inches!). I have an 8 bore which I use on special occasions and for a laugh but generally find my Berretta AL391 Urika to be my favourite all round gun.

Why not call in at our web site   on there you will find a film we had made about our fowling. The punt you see is the Chairman's and is the smaller of his two (he is the one in the punt). His other punt is a two man punt with a much larger with a better gun firing 20 ozs of shot. 

Do feel free to ask me anything you may be interested in asking..........

Best wishes. Peter Crighton England

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Re: Wildfowling in England
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2015, 10:06:44 PM »
Peter - Thanks for your post and Welcome
Having had several 'swap hunts' with members of the Leicestershire Waterfowlers Assoc - I have fond memories of my hunts in Great Britain & Scotland. Still remember vividly my 1st Gray Leg that was flighted on the River Tay outside of Dundee, Scotland.  And the night at the Eden Estuary at the end of the 18th Fairway of St Andrews flighting geese coming in from the North Sea in the face of a wind driven raining storm. Add trudging out on the mud of the Firth of Tay to set up on the point and be rewarded with only one goose.  We also used to hunt the owner fields around Blairgowrie.  Had days when 500 plus pink-footed geese would come to the fileds - one volley and back for breakfast.  HAve a picture in my gun room of one field covered with close to 1000 geese from a grand migration

I live in New Jersey which has multiple bays and marshland adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.  Right now the temperature is in the 60's and our birds have not migrated down from Canada in what we call the Atlantic Flyway.  Our season in NJ closes the end of January (160 day season with no hunting on Sunday and 1/2 hour before sunrise and ends at sunset.  Because of the large population of Greater Snow Geese, we can hunt them till March with full tube magazines and electronic calling.

Wishing You the Best and Bountiful Bag this Season ... With My Regards