Author Topic: NJ bill that could jeopardize dog training and hunt tests/ trials  (Read 7950 times)

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It would be in every ones interest to get involved in a write in campaign.

New Jersey Bill A 2649

Please send your letters of opposition to NJ A2649 to the following:

Speaker Joe Roberts
Rte 130 South & Browning Road
Brooklawn, NJ 08030

Copy to: Republican Leader: Alex DeCroce
101 Gibraltar Drive, Suite 1-A
Morris Plains 07950

Among AB 2649's 56 pages, its most
egregious proposals include the following:

Any person, regardless of their lack of knowledge, training, or
expertise, could accuse another person of animal cruelty, while
receiving immunity from prosecution for cruelty themselves. Without
providing redress for someone who has been unjustifiably and
vindictively accused of animal cruelty, this provision is ripe for abuse.

The use of a living bird or other animal in events would be
considered animal abuse. This would effectively make illegal many
performance events, including Earthdog, Coonhound, and Sporting dog hunt
tests and field trials.

The definition of "minimum care" required for the care of animals
will be lessened to include "veterinary care deemed necessary by a
reasonably prudent person". AKC believes that veterinary care in all
cases should be administered with a professional standard of care with
the highest levels of professionalism and competence, as deemed
necessary by a licensed veterinarian.

The definition of "cruelly restraining a dog" specifically bans
the tethering of dogs with less than 15 feet of tether. This provision
does not expressly provide an exemption for dogs being groomed on
grooming tables in any setting, including grooming salons and dog shows.
With substantive animal cruelty provisions already in place, New Jersey
state and local governments need to enforce existing law in cruel
tethering cases. Irresponsible owners who are not providing humane
treatment for their animals can and should be prosecuted under current law.

If you are from out-of-state, you can still write and tell them how much money you spend in NJ for dogs shows, field trials, hunt tests, etc. Money talks.
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Re: NJ bill that could jeopardize dog training and hunt tests/ trials
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