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weight of outboard motor on 12ft sneakbox boat fiberglass/cedar


Can I put a ~90lb outboard motor on my 12ft sneakbox boat? too heavy? It's a 9.9Hp Honda 4 stroke. I've read that some guys even have 15Hps.but most have 5-7Hps on their 12ft sneakbox boats. thanks for the advise, Jim

I think your idea is very good.

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A sneakbox is a small boat that can be sailed, rowed, poled or sculled. It is predominantly associated with the Barnegat Bay in New Jersey, just as the canoe-like Delaware Ducker is associated with the New Jersey marshes along the Delaware River near Philadelphia.

As with most American small craft, its origin is not well documented. It is generally accepted that Captain Hazelton Seaman invented the first sneakbox about 1836, in West Creek, New Jersey.


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