Author Topic: New Jersey black duck hens appear on Ducks Unlimited website  (Read 5162 times)


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New Jersey black duck hens appear on Ducks Unlimited website

By: Dane Cramer
      University of Delaware

It’s no doubt that New Jersey’s coastal habitat is a vital resource to wintering waterfowl, and American black ducks in particular.  Efforts to identify priority areas continue as researchers have affixed radio transmitters to 42 black duck hens and follow their movements around the clock.  Females, because of their smaller body size and additional energetic stresses of egg production, are subsequently the most susceptible to harsh winter conditions.  Radioed hens were trapped throughout December 2006 and will be monitored through their departure for the breeding grounds this spring to identify areas that are most important to them.

Ducks Unlimited, a key research partner, hosts a web page where the public can track the movements of ten of the radioed birds week by week.  Once a week, a new location is posted where the hen was located that particular week.  Some of the hens moved very little during the past months while others had movements that many would find interesting.  To watch the movements of the telemetered birds visit

We would like to thank the following organizations for their continued support: The Black Duck Joint Venture, The Atlantic Coast Joint Venture, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, the Edwin B. Forsythe and Cape May National Wildlife Refuges, the New Jersey Duck Stamp Committee, the New Jersey Waterfowlers Association, Ducks Unlimited, Inc., and The University of Delaware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Partnership.