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Phil Eager

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New PAC Being Formed Take Notice
« on: August 15, 2007, 02:10:58 PM »
Gentelmen, If you are concerned with the legislation pending to change the NJ Fish and Game to political appointees then please go to this web site and make a contribution. For the cost of two boxes of steel shot make your voice heard. The November elections are around the corner so please act today. Also please email all like minded individuals. As a group we can make a difference.

any questions call me 732 539 1121

Thanks, Phil Eager
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Re: New PAC Being Formed Take Notice
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2007, 05:58:31 PM »

Thank you for your support and for introducing the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance to nj waterfowlers.

The NJOA is not only a new organization, but also a new type of entity for NJ anglers, hunters and trappers. NJOA is not a club - it is a PAC. It operates under 527 and is a non-profit corporation. It does not compete with other outdoor-minded clubs. It does not have members. There are presently 3 officers and 2 more will be added. That will be the extent.

Rather than duplicating a lot of my efforts, if the members here wouldn't mind I'd like to cut and paste our mission statement and info below. Our mission statement is the essance of "what our organization is and its purpose:"


The mission of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, is to advance and defend hunting, fishing, and trapping in New Jersey. We will enhance and protect New Jersey’s outdoor heritage. The N.J.O.A. will unite and mobilize outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen to further the practice of scientific management of fish and wildlife. We will guard against legal and legislative assaults on hunting, fishing, and trapping. The N.J.O.A. will support those legislators, and the advancement of legislation, that endorse or promote the outdoor experience.

Below is part of the reason for our creation:


Your freedom to hunt, fish, and trap in New Jersey may soon be taken from you!

The anti-fishing and anti-hunting activists, with the support of Assemblyman Panter, Assemblywoman Greenstein, and Senator Karcher, are responsible for introducing bills A-3275 and S-2041 respectively. These bills will drastically change the membership of the Fish and Game Council, the entity established to manage the hunting and fishing interests in New Jersey. A-3275 and S-2041 are targeted to change council membership from six sportsmen, three farmers, the Chairman of the Endangered and Non-game Species Advisory Committee, and public member - to seven political appointees recommended to the Governor.

Bills A-3275 and S-2041 would effectively destroy the Division of Fish and Wildlife, and would end scientific management of our wildlife assets while putting these natural resources under the auspices of the office of the Governor. Such a change is designed to allow the council to be stacked with anti-hunting and anti-fishing extremists.

Bill A-3275 directs the Fish and Game Council to investigate using expensive and unproven non-lethal alternatives for game management, eliminates any reference to use and development of fish and game resources for public recreation and food supply, and substitutes “wildlife” for existing statutory references to “game.” The bill also proposes transferring the Division of Fish and Game from the Department of Conservation and Economic Development to the Department of Environmental Protection, where there is a significant risk that game management activities will suffer behind costly environmental projects and obligations.

Animal “rights” activists testifying in support of A-3275 derided hunting as a “15th century” means to wildlife management and proclaimed the bill - which relies heavily on non-lethal alternatives - as legislation for “21st century” wildlife management. They also expressed their desire to rid the Fish & Game Council of anyone with a “hunter driven background.” The council also regulates fresh water fishing. The animal rights people are coming after all anglers, hunters, and trappers. They will not be satisfied until the basic freedom to hunt, trap, and fish is removed from the state of New Jersey.

Such a change will have a devastating impact on wildlife management, New Jersey’s ecology, recreational opportunities for New Jersey residents, and New Jersey’s economy. Businesses such as sporting goods stores, taxidermists, bait shops, boat dealers, etc., and the enterprises that service these establishments, may see significant drops in sales - perhaps being forced to layoff employees or even close their businesses.

The members of the committee that voted whether to send the bill to the assembly for consideration are as follows:
Voted YES on A3275:
Assemblyman John McKeon (D-27), Chairman
Assemblyman Robert Gordon (D-3, Vice-Chairman
Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-20)
Assemblyman Louis Manzo (D-31)
Assemblyman Michael Panter (D-12)

Voted NO on A3275:
Assemblyman Larry Chatzidakis (R-
Assemblyman John Rooney (R-39)

Please join in our efforts to deride bills A-3275 and S-2041 and to keep hunting, fishing, and trapping available to all of the people of New Jersey.

I will be happy to answer any questions members of bassbarn may have. Please ask away. Your volunteer efforts, get out the vote, and donations is what will make our efforts a success.


Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Chairman, NJOA


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Re: New PAC Being Formed Take Notice
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2007, 09:26:24 AM »
I posted this info on in the East-Central section.


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Re: New PAC Being Formed Take Notice
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2007, 01:32:05 PM »
Thanks gar-dog



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Re: New PAC Being Formed Take Notice
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2007, 03:13:54 AM »
If there are any NJ Waterfowlers curious as to how a PAC like the NJOA works I am pasting below an explanation by a lay-person, which I think desscribes it well.

You have to understand how a PAC functions and why there are only five guys.

I don't speak on behlaf of NJOA here but this is what I know to be the case.

A PAC is primarily, if not strictly, a fund raising organization whose job it is to financially support the candidates it wants elected, in this case those opposed to Karcher, Panter and Greenstien, among others who have sponsored and or voted for anti sportsmen legislation in the last session.

Running a membership organization such as a 501 C3 or a 501 C4 is a lot more involved and a lot more administratively intense. The NRA, DU and RFA come to mind, and all are either C3 or C4 organizations. C3's and C4's are restricted in their ability to make campaign contributions, and a PAC fills that void. Think of this as the equivilent to the NRA-ILA or the RFA PAC. It's the funnel the money goes through.

Legislators doors are opened with financial support. Legislators in our corner are elected in part because they have strong campaign funding, in part from us. We can only donate a few thousand to each candidate per the rules, but with over 120 legislators, that can add up to a pretty big bill.

While NJOA is helping with financial contributions, the Sportsmen and women of this state need to get out and help these guys with hard labor, beating the streets looking for sportsmen voters. That rallying cry will come through the other organizations such as the FED, UBNJ and others whose job it is to educate the public.

It is the membership in the existing organizations and any new ones that might be formed, who are the ones who do the footwork. The PAC is the funnel for part of the funding, namely the campaign contributions we need to get us in the face of the right people THIS NOVEMBER.

I happen to know that the treasurer here is a good guy, and I have words on Ant and the others involved that are encouraging.

The main job here is to get your dollars pooled into one fund and get them to the right candidates.

That's not divulging the total action plan but it gives an idea. The antis know what PAC is and how it functions, so the formation alone tells them we (sportsmen, remember, I don't speak for NJOA) are rallying funds to support our candidates. Which ones in which districts? That will be easy to see when the statements are made as to where the donations went.


From there, the long term plan will involve alot more strategy, but for now, we need to give them the funding they need to get this snowball rolling down hill, and fast.

That's what I know from my research about how a PAC functions. It doesn't require or even allow for members, and it doesn't need them, it just needs to manage the funding and contribute to the right campaigns. From there, the other organizations take over in grass roots public education and lobbying efforts.

The things are related, but they are done by seperate organizations, as necessitated by both the IRS and state rules.

I said I'm behind it because I have had people I trust vouch for the men involved, and I recognize that we have to make some contributions as part of an overall strategy. The overall strategy may still be in development and may be held close to the chest so as not to tip off the opposition too early. SOmetimes and army needs to sneak around the flank if ya know what I mean, but first and foremst we need to get some money together to open these political doors and get the attention of candidates who are potential supports of NJ's Sportsmen and women.

It's an unfortunate fact that you can all argue with me on (I expect a big rebuttal from Mike C) but it IS fact based on every person I have talked to who either runs or is involved with one of these efforts at a high level.


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Re: New PAC Being Formed Take Notice
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